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Where has the Love gone for Historical Romance...

Posted by Alie Infante on June 10, 2013 at 4:00 PM

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Most of you know how I do my lil trolling of sites. I was actually looking for some good historical romance blogs, and stumbled upon FictionVixen.com. The blog author Catherine, asked a very good question, “Where Have All The Cowboys Historical Romance Blogs Gone,” here she put a line through Cowboys.

As I sat reading her post, I suddenly thought the same thing. Moreover, I also thought; If you think keeping up with historical romance and getting info on it is hard, try interracial historical romance lol.

She then went on to ask the question: Have you noticed how popular Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy are right now? I’m sure you have. It would be near impossible to miss it! Information about books in these genres is all over the romance blogs and Goodreads and Twitter. Links, reviews, covers, conversational posts…you can’t turn around without bumping into something about them. I can’t lie, I love them too. I love the supernatural creatures, the bad-ass action, the occasionally epic series, and the covers. *sigh* Some of those covers are downright awesome, aren’t they? So if I love them, I can’t blame everyone else for loving them, can I? Why is it so hard to track down information about Historical Romances lately? Whenever I start researching for material for an “Eagerly Anticipating” post or a cover post, it is easy to find release dates and blurbs and covers for all those other genres, but it’s like pulling teeth to find information for Historical Romances.


I laughed again, because I thought the info concerning my genre, Interracial Historical Romance it is next to nil. I write historical, paranormal, and contemporary romance, yet the hardest to keep tabs on, sell, and actually get out there is the historical. It seems that most readers like to place it in that Harlequin category, of some cheesy cookie cutter romance, with ripping bodices and heaving bosoms; and can't seem to understand that the genre has changed drastically, and what once was isn't any longer. Yet, at the same time, I find that many authors and readers alike, negate romance as a whole, and think that it is a waste of paper, time and money. I find this sad, not only because I write in that genre, but because it is an expression of art as well, and who wouldn’t want to leave reality for a few hours to revel in Love, or the ideal of Love itself.

As I pondered this, I wondered if any other Historical Romance authors felt the same way?

I would definitely like to hear from you, so drop me a line…

~Alie 


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