A Different Shade of Historical Romance

A Different Shade of Romantic History...

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Nothing Can Come Between Us
Sade (The Best Of Sade)


From the minute Finnegan laid eyes on Annica the attraction was instant.
The buckskin halter left little to the imagination, and the surprise on her face mirrored his own as she reached from under the brush grabbing his moccasin foot.
Nevertheless, what drew him to her even more was the fiery red hair and grey eyes. That was a first for him, especially because she was mulatto...


Hehaka sapa…

( Black Elk Village)

          “And who is that you old coot?” Finnegan asked the smiling old man. It had been ages since he’d seen this face, and he looked exactly as he remembered; with the exception of a few wrinkles here and there.

            “Why do you ask Shunkaha?”  

Shunkaha was native for wolf.

           “Its Finnegan Two Feathers and you know it.” Finnegan grinned.

           “And it is Grandfather to you. It may have been in the white world young one because of your father, but here it is Shunkaha. You are my grandson regardless. Now why have you asked of Talutah? She is not to be trifled with young one; she is too much for you.”

   Finnegan threw his back and started laughing.  Blood Red, Two Feathers had dubbed her, and from the spirit he’d witnessed this afternoon it fit her perfectly. Not to mention the fiery blood red hair of hers.

         “Have you not heard the saying young one that you do not play with fire unless you wish to get burned?”

Two Feathers frowned at Finnegan’s smile.

         “That is one fire I would love to be consumed by Grandfather.”  He murmured as he saw her clear the last set of tall trees at the very end of the forest.  And the way she was dressed.  The doe skin halter barely left anything to his imagination, as the fiery long curly hair cascaded down her back.  The image of her was so deeply imprinted on his mind, he sighed with his eyes closed.

     Two Feathers suddenly smacked him with the stick he’d been using to draw on the ground.

         “Owe!” Finnegan cried laughing.

         “She is your equal in every way, but you must be cautious Shunkaha.  She is at odds with herself as well, and the eruption may be too much for you to endure.”

         “I am not at odds with myself Grandfather.”

 Finnegan frowned as he looked off from his grandfather. His grandfather was like a true father to him after his parents had died in the raids, but sometimes he thought him too ancient.  He would never get with the times.

         “Yes you are, and the sooner that you realize it Shunkaha, you will release the anger that you carry around.”

         “I wanna release something alright.” He mumbled as he looked towards the trees, and Two Feathers hit him with the stick again.

         “Owe! Why do you keep doing that?”

         “Then you will show respect for Talutah. She may be 23 summers, but she has never known the touch of a man. She is still witushnah Shunkaha. If you are to offer her affection it will be true, or I will skin you alive and that’s an oath you may take seriously.”

Witushnah was native for virginal, and Finnegan’s smile grew even wider.

         “Alright…geesh.” Finnegan groaned rubbing his stinging arm.  Who knew he was such a mother hen.

         “Now, why have you returned from the white world?” Two Feathers asked as he sat down on the large rock.

         “Because you know as well as I do it was time.”

         “And have you come to terms with your white side Shunkaha?”

         “Does it matter?”

         “Yes, and I am sure that you know this already Shunkaha.”

         “I came because I missed a certain old coot, a regular pain in my ass.” Finnegan replied and Two Feathers smiled at that.

         “I do not believe this, but I will let it ley for now. At present I need the istu plant, so go and find it for me if you will.”

         “Fine, but I didn’t come back for manual labor.” Finnegan muttered as he got to his feet.

         “And return soon Shunkaha.” Two Feathers commanded as he walked towards the trees.



Clarity Jane’s

Plantation House…


            “What will you tell mamma as to why we’re late?”

           “I have no idea; we’ll see when we get there. I wish she’d stop treating me like a child all the time.” I mumbled as we approached the plantation’s back house where we lived.

 My mother was waiting on the porch with a basket of clothes and a deep frown.

          “I need this wash taken over to Mrs. Jennings, and now. We will speak on where you gals been when you get back, now go.” She snapped and I took the wash and started walking in the other direction.

When I got to Mrs. Jennings she too was frowning.

          “Tell Neddie if she continues to be late, I’ll have to dock her pay.” She snapped as well, and I just looked at her.

     I took the two dollars she thrust at me, then started walking back towards the plantation house. I paused as I thought about the istu plant. Turning the other way, I decided to go and get some blackberries as well.

     Mamma could yell at me later, I thought as I tucked the two dollars in the waist of my skirt. 

     As I walked through the trees I marveled at how beautiful it was here, and couldn’t imagine myself living anywhere else.

     When I reached the trees, I saw a basket and a knife. It looked exactly like Two Feathers’.

             “Two Feathers, are you out here?”  There was no response, so I walked over to the knife and squatted.  Whoever it was, was gathering sugar plants as well.

 He stepped from behind the bush then.

 I gasped and slowly got to my feet as he smiled.

 Okay, at least it wasn’t a frown.

      He walked over to me as stood up completely. He had yet to say a word, and as I looked up into his face I realized that he had to be well over six feet, because by white standards I was a pretty tall woman; and I still had to look up at him. He touched my hair, then my face, and I looked up at him surprised.

            “Can you speak any English?” I asked and he tilted his head to the side watching my lips.

 I sighed, great.

           “My God you’re a tall one.” I said and he still looked at me without a response.

           “And beautiful too.” I whispered, and could have sworn the corners of his lips turned up for a split second.  He took my hand and started walking in the opposite direction.

           “Amm no. I have to go home or my mamma will pitch a fit.” I countered tugging on my hand, and he tugged back and kept on walking.

I sighed and gave up trying to get him to understand me.

    As he cleared the trees, I noticed we were at the edge of the cliffs. I snatched my hand from him, and he turned to look at me.

         “Ahh I don’t think so.” He pointed to the drop off again and I shook my head.

         “No, I only did it before cuz I didn’t know you were friendly.” He pointed to himself, then to me.

         “You want me to do it with you? Shit.” I sighed for what seemed like the hundredth time. “Okay fine.”

He tugged me back towards the long sagging trees. I took the two dollars from my waist and placed it in my bosom, and his brow rose.  I groaned as he gave me his hand.    

     We both took a running start, and then sailed over the side of the cliff.

 It was at that exact moment Two Feathers looked up and gasped. He exhaled noisily as he watched them.  It had begun he said to no one, and the spirits as well.